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You Deserve a Great Workspace

From the home office to the new workspace in that hip neighborhood you’ve been eyeing, our staff of professional workspace planners have the imagination to envision your perfect work environment and the experience to get it done right. 

Our remote office planning & design teams can help you transform any available space into the perfect workplace for your team. By providing an exclusively-designed floorplan, personally-tailored to match your brand and chosen aesthetics, our remote planners will help you design the office or workspace of your dreams. Contact us today for a free consultation and tap into the limitless potential of your new workspace.

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You Deserve a Great Workspace

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Help Your Team Work Better Than Ever

In the modern workplace, everyone in the office has many roles to fill and that means they need spaces that can adapt and evolve to match the ever-changing demands of their work. That’s where we come in.

Professional insights with a personal touch. Steelcase’s remote workspace planning team offers experience and insights into planning spaces of any size, to fit the needs of any team or business. All you have to do is provide the floorplan and they can custom-design the layout that will best help your team get things done. 

Work smarter, not harder. Studies have shown that when employees have the opportunity to move around their workplace and engage in different spaces including lounge areas, quiet spaces, and areas for collaborative efforts, they remain more productive, focused, and connected to their work.

How It Works

1. Schedule a call: Schedule a call with a member of our remote planning team. We’ll learn more about your workspace needs and begin creating a tailored workplace layout plan.

2. Work with our team: Throughout the process, you’ll work with a dedicated designer and Steelcase consultant to create your personalized space within your needs, budget, and style.

3. Enjoy your new workspace: We’ll share ideas and make changes as needed until it’s just right. In no time, your workspace will be transformed into your dream workplace.

Don't just take our word for it

Insights from professional designers, layout advice from the experts. All to help your team get more done.


“The furniture looks beautiful! We couldn’t be happier.” Megan Moran Hudson Pacific Properties, CA
“I really appreciate your level of service and attention to detail.” Renay Billing Mendham Hills Community Church, NJ
“We love all of the products and the color palette.” Trevor Antunez Ag3ncy, CA

You Deserve a Great Workspace

Whether you're moving into a new space or you want to make the most of your current space, your talent deserves a workplace that supports them every step of the way.

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