Sustainability Accounting Standards Board (SASB) Index

Steelcase Inc. has reported the information cited in this SASB content index for the period March 1, 2022 to February 28, 2023 using the most current SASB standards.                                                              
Energy Management Information Links Page(s)
(1) Total energy consumed, (2) percentage grid electricity, (3) percentage renewable.
Energy Use by Source (Including Renewable)
2023 CDP Section C8.2a
Social Capital
Product Quality & Safety Information Links Page(s)
Discussion of processes to assess and manage risks and/or hazards associated with chemicals in products.
Risks and Hazards Associated with Products
2023 Impact Report 38-40
Percentage of eligible products meeting volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions and content standards.
Products Meeting VOC Standards
2023 Impact Report 38-40
Business Model & Innovation
Product Design & Lifecycle Management Information Links Page(s)
Description of efforts to manage product lifecycle impacts and meet demand for sustainable products.
Product Lifecycle Impacts
End of Use Partnership Program  
(1) Weight of end-of-life material recovered, (2) percentage of recovered materials recycled.
End-of-Life Material Recovered
End of Use Partnership Program  
Electronics and Battery Take Back Program  
Supply Chain Management Information Links Page(s)
(1) Total weight of wood fiber materials purchased, (2) percentage from third-party certified forestlands, (3) percentage by standard, and (4) percentage certified to other wood fiber standards, (5) percentage by standard.
Wood Supply Chain Management  
Activity Metrics Information Links Page(s)
Annual Production.
Building Products and Furnishings Annual Production  
Area of manufacturing facilities.
Building Products and Furnishings Area of Facilities