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One out of three workers in the world is disengaged.

Can the workplace impact employee engagement?
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Steelcase Global Report

Engagement and the Global Workplace

This report is the first to explore the relationship between employee engagement and the work environment. It identifies one of the most serious issues facing leading organizations today: Only 13 percent of workers are highly engaged.

The results provide a snapshot of the workplace around the world and reveal a positive correlation between employee engagement and attitudes about the work environment.

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About the Study

Steelcase partnered with global research firm Ipsos for this unprecendented research effort to measure relevant dimensions of employee engagement and workplace satisfaction. 
Key Findings
The Link Between

Employee Engagement and the Workplace Around the World

Employee engagement is a serious bottom-line issue. It fuels organizations during times of economic growth and, more critically, when market conditions are uncertain and volatile. The key findings in the Steelcase Global Report reveal insights that can help business leaders address this growing problem.

Highlights from the Global Report include:

  • A snapshot of the state of the office around the world
  • A detailed analysis of the factors that impact employee engagement
  • Strategies to help organizations create more resilient and engaged employees

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